Eloquent by Jason Walcott

Eloquent is a digitalized version of the beautiful didone Pistilli Roman, designed by John Pistilli and Herb Lubalin. Its unique ampersand makes it definitely different from any other didone.


19 top fonts in 19 top combinations

Based on a list of the 19 top typefaces most used by graphic designers around the web, and featuring all-times and more recent classics from Bembo to FF Din, Douglas Bonneville of bonfx gathered an interesting list of 19 combinations of serif & sans-serif typefaces that work well together. Whether you like his choices or not, his list gives a good overview of the various impressions conveyed by the classic Sans & Serif combo.

Mr Eaves by Emigre

The very successful Mrs Eaves finally introduces us with her husband Mr Eaves, available in two versions, Mr. Eaves Modern and Mr. Eaves Sans.


“Mr Eaves was based on the proportions of Mrs Eaves, but Licko took some liberty with its design. One of the main concerns was to avoid creating a typeface that looked like it simply had its serifs cut off. And while it matches Mrs Eaves in weight, color, and armature, Mr Eaves stands as its own typeface with many unique characteristics.

Deviations from the original Mrs Eaves are evident in the overall decrease of contrast, as well as in details such as the flag and tail of the f and j, and the finial of the t, which were shortened to maintain a cleaner, sans serif look. And the lower case c had to be balanced out differently after it lost its top ball terminal. And with the loss of serifs, Mr Eaves set width is slightly narrower.”

More about the designing process of Mr Eaves Modern & Sans on Emigre’s website.

Typodarium Calendar 2010 is out!


Next year’s much desired Typodarium Calendar is already available from amazon.de. Last year they went out of stock so fast that I ordered this one straight away. Don’t miss this occasion to meet a new font everyday. The 2010 edition features 365 typefaces made by 180 designers from 30 countries. For mouth-watering looks into Typodarium 2010, please see Fontfeed.