FontFeed tutorial: engraved type
A simple but efficient tutorial to create an engraved style.

Creative Characters: Gert Miescher
A great interview of the creator of the Bodoni Classic series:

I generally am a lazy bastard who wants to get the job done as fast as possible just to be able to be lazy again

8 inspiring type specimens
Another great post by Bram Pitoyo on Designer Daily News.

Beach Part 2 by Ophelia Chong

Fountain Type
I didn’t know this foundry until announced their new website, and I’m glad they did. This Swedish foundry has an excellent catalog with a few original and elegant pieces.

FF Mister K

Julia Sysmäläinen designed this beautiful open-type font base on Franz Kafka’s handwriting.

WSDOT South Central Region Sign Shop
A great Flickr set describing road sign production process. Fascinating (I love signs).

A minisite for Helvetica, the movie
This new website features a making-off and interesting stuff such as the filmmaker’s statement and various video material. And a personality test, which I haven’t taken yet (should I?).