Just spent more than a half-hour exploring Christopher Ryan's daily portfolio of simple, colourful, intelligent, beautiful [insert your favourite flattering adjective here] illustrations. You may remember the “Cmd+W your mind and Cmd+O your eyes” poster he made some time ago (it's now in April archive). Ryan's message – computer is now a part of your lives but you still need to think beyond – is conveyed by a minimalist, purely typographic design, without any bright colour or lovely illustration to distract you. And I think that's what Ryan's work is about: simplicity and meaning.

Christopher Ryan's portfolio is highly refreshing, far from the clichés of the time. He researches colours and shapes in a very personal way, inspired by pretty much anything... especially music, the universe, the human condition and natural phenomena. His focus on abstract topics may well explain the no-fuss nature of his illustrations and posters.

Christopher Ryan uses his daily postings as a way to track the different aspects of his work. From this perspective, I'd say September must have been a special month — instead of the usual diversity, he displays a consistent series of lovely and poetic studies on the same theme:


Take some time to browse his daily posts and discover a personal, meaning-driven, poetic work.

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